Design encompasses a whole new depth of knowledge

Can you be more specific about the knowledge base you draw on to contribute to your part in that equation, in addition to a talent and flare for the look of a space?


The role I play in this ‘define’ and ‘create’ type interior evolution, is to use the visual and functional power of an interior to embody the space with the energy required to directly energise the business.

Ergonomic’s is a knowledge base drawn upon to ensure the space flows for it’s users and encourages the behaviour’s relevant to that space.  Creating the space for the business to thrive with increased efficiency and less frustration.   Where the business’s directors are comfortable, I will often consult with all the staff in their company to try to intimately understand how the business could improve their personal spaces ergonomic’s to motivate them and increase their productivity and in turn this has often led to a distinct improvement in the staff performance in the business.

The sustainability or ‘green’ attributes of the design encompasses a whole new depth of knowledge from the different types of lighting used in the space to ensuring that the lifecycle of the products used are a fit with the ethics of the business.  You see now that many business’s are really caring about their ethical associations.  You have chocolate and cosmetic companies who are completely changing the ingredients of their product to stop the use of palm oil to reinforce their commitment to protect our rainforests and this corporate responsibility applies in every area of the interior of a space.  We ensure our business’s interiors are created with integrity and all environmental values considered.


~ by idacdesign on January 10, 2012.

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