Desire changing your interior to align with your business

You mentioned ‘desired change’ just earlier.  Is that what Interior design is about for you?  A clients desire to achieve change or improvement in their business?

My clients are incredibly varied, from boutique hotel developments and re-fits to offices for firms such as financial consultancies or the corporate offices for an international brewery.  I’ve worked on large retail complex’s to the more intimate individual shop fit outs and on doctors offices to maternity wards.

You could say the one thing that all clients have in common is the desire for ‘change’ but I think I prefer expressions such as ‘define’, ‘evolve’, ‘adapt’, ‘create’, ‘connect’, etc…

In truth sometimes my work is very functional.  The depth of knowledge in current regulatory requirements for the site, preventative design requirements, essential functionality requirements, space flexibility requirements and often requirements that exceed the budget and require a strategy to achieve both the result regardless.

Sometimes that’s like the birth of something, a true creation from start to finish where you’re changing a blank canvas into a powerful tool.  In this situation, the value engineered by the interior designer forming working relationships with the project team to optimise the design has significantly cut costs and created a much more functional space for the client.   When the Client, Architect, QS, structural engineer, M+E (HVAC), Product Suppliers and Interior Designers work together simultaneously, clients always get the best result.


~ by idacdesign on January 10, 2012.

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