highly logical, functional thinking business

That’s generous but I can see how it would work.  So you are open to potential clients calling you out of the blue and you are willing to meet with them and discuss the potential for what they want to achieve and how you can help them do this?

Exactly, I travel regularly all over Europe for my work.

I’m based in the UK but when I’m not crunching numbers, sourcing products and drawing regulatory or visual plans, I’m face to face with the clients.

I’m the facilitator for them to realize their visions or goal so that relationship is crucial.  Therefore, that first meeting with me for them to get a feeling for what the experience will be and the kind of value I will add is of real value and I’m happy to make that first step without commitment of any sort.

Again, if a first meeting with me is like a business trip to a doctor or therapist, then that first meeting is simply the first in what easily becomes a life-long relationship.  My clients use me over and over again once they realize the value I add so that first meeting is just the start.

It often enables the highly logical, functional thinking business owner to dabble in the idea that a visually powerful business may make them more money, produce a happier staff, a more trusting customers and an overall brilliant change to their business.  A free consultation is definitely a door opener and it almost always works into an ongoing partnership over time, it’s an easy transition.


~ by idacdesign on January 10, 2012.

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