Its time to invest in your Interior

Ann, How is the recession affecting your business?  You’ve obviously had a very successful career spanning nearly 20 years and have a client list other designers would die for but are you feeling the effects of the changes to the business environment of the past year or so?

Well I think it’s affected all business’s but it’s created interesting dynamic in the business of interiors that has had it’s advantages.  My business is very much about balancing beauty and it’s communication power and functionality, cost and timing but often a client will find cost a determining factor for many parts of the design decision criteria.

Part of the value a client purchases when they hire me is the fact that Interiors is a complex business involving thousands of suppliers and knowledge of the ranges they’re carrying, the new trends, the new technologies and the cost of all of these.

Since the challenges have hit the market, the competitiveness of many of the suppliers have sky-rocketed.  The result for my clients have been brilliant because I’m now able to source products of increasingly good value for my clients to achieve the desired change to their business.

In effect it is meaning the budget required for a client to give their business a visual make-over is much more affordable and there’s never been a better time for them to invest in change in their business than today.


~ by idacdesign on January 10, 2012.

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