Understanding and interpreting a clients

So do clients hand everything over to you or do they remain heavily involved?  Are you their design conduit to achieve what they have in their mind or do you visually create what they want to achieve as a more functional or financial type goal?

I find that each of my clients know what they want in some or multiple ways and we begin with a great deal of dialogue where I tease out the answers I need so that I can deliver for them what’s in their head or their heart.

Some articulate their vision perfectly but do not have the broad knowledge of suppliers, regulatory restrictions or requirements or an idea of the costs and the essential tricks to reduce those costs and ensure a result to a deadline.

Other clients know their own business instinctively but do not have a clear vision for communicating their purpose visually and I can present them visual scenario’s to inspire as many people know what they like once they see it.

Others simply know the difference they require to their bottom line and have admitted that if their visuals relationship that staff and clients have with their business space will bring the business more revenue and loyalty then they’re prepared to make a strategic investment and look to see the results on their P&L statements for the new year.

Whatever the scenario, over the years I have developed an understanding as to how I can ascertain what a client wants and needs and how to deliver this and all the advantages that my knowledge base and experience allows to save them money, provide value and improve the experience.

Understanding and interpreting a clients needs has become somewhat of an artform and once the client has had a taste and realized the direct improvement to their business they also get to know with greater clarity, the parts of the overall experience they want direct involvement with and the body of work they prefer to hand over to my expertise.


~ by idacdesign on January 10, 2012.

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