Realizing the benefits of improving interiors

Can you tell me more about the impact of your design work on different business’s for whom you have designed spaces for?

Absolutely, the results stories are that which make this work so rewarding.  The passion I feel for the impact that interior changes can make to a business ensures that I genuinely love my job and get a real kick out of working with my clients.

In one office I worked on, the staff’s attitude towards their space changed dramatically after I completed the redesign.  They were no longer ashamed of their office and started inviting clients to meet them in their offices.  This saved them travelling time, hotel costs, car running costs and man hours for the internal staff to meet clients away from the office.  The clients response was also recongisable as they knew there was a client suite for them to use with great coffee, wifi to plug their laptops in, a landline, a trade resource library and reception staff who could assist with any requirements.  In return this company became an extension of their clients business and their relationships were more genuine and regular with more loyalty and dependence on their business,  The change to the space changed the culture of that business entirely.

The ability for a business to market incredible looking visual representation of their office’s lends to the credibility of the business and inspires new clients to place their trust with that business.   And I always love to see the effect a smarter space has on the staff because they genuinely up the standard of their physical appearance to match a space.   You genuinely see new hairstyles, new clothes and new attitudes, it’s brilliant.

I think it’s important to realize that interior design is not just about spending money, it’s more about strategy.  There have been times when rearranging, a bit of paint and the perfect piece of image defining furniture have been all that the space needed.  Again, that scenario is what I speak of as a trip to the interior doctor.  Spend a hour or two with me, let me design a price a strategy and the fresh energy which flows through your business is invaluable.

A client had a fantastic old cinema building that they wanted for an office.  Once the design brief was established, the business secured a massive project and the staff/team doubled in size, and the cinema space became too small for the business but they loved the space.  With the proper interior consultancy we understood the business enough to adapt the design to allow them to accommodate the size of their increased team.  As we design with job roles, teams and outcomes we designed the space to produce outcomes.  If you think each staff member only worked a standard 40 hours a week and so typically 2 days of a week, holidays, sick days and working from home or visiting other offices.   The teams committed to working in a fluid environment.  Some roles required nesting while most roles where happy to see the whole office environment as their nest.  People discovered that it created a fun way to work, as lots of different spaces where provided.  This meant that staff became more responsible and independent and responsible for their actions and times.   The team also discovered on days where they needed to be by themselves and concentrate they could, and when they wanted thinking time there were perfect places to sit or stand or just to read.  Once the team realised the benefits of the new way of working they found work became enjoyable as it was easy to be productive, as files were placed where they needed them.  It’s all in the detail and strategy.


~ by idacdesign on January 14, 2012.

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